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Overview - The coast of Maine offers a variety of activities for the family. The scenery can be breathtaking, especially as you travel further north around the Bar Harbor area. The water temperature of around 60 degrees does not lend itself to ocean swimming, at least for us. The lakes aren't much better with Echo Lake being around 70 degrees in mid-august.  The area is ideal for hikers and bikers, especially in areas such as Acadia National Park. You can choose to stay in a small B&B or a room in a large chain hotel. If you go during the summer and like lobster, you are in for some real dining enjoyment.

A view of the Harbor at Bar Harbor Maine
Bar Harbor - Harbor View

Geography. The coast of Maine is mostly rocky. The southern coast is somewhat flatter. As you proceed north, the terrain becomes more rugged with glacier carved mountains, bays and sounds.

Getting there - If you are coming from the south, it is fairly easy to reach towns such as Kennebunkport since they are usually less than a half hour drive from Interstate 95. As you go further north you will find that towns and villages such as Camden require two or more hours of driving once you leave the Interstate system. The roads are decent although the traffic on Route 1 in the southern half of the state can be quite heavy.

Seasons - You will want to plan your trip carefully depending on your goals. We visited in mid august. The hotels were almost all booked solid so plan your trip well in advance. Traffic can be very heavy on holiday weekends. It goes without saying that the winters can be harsh. The springtime rain can result in a muddy environment.

Activities and Attractions - Most of the activities and attractions are outdoors-oriented. The many harbors provide opportunities for windjammer cruises, whale watching and fishing. The parks offer hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross country skiing.

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